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Claiming Annie's Heart

By Judythe Morgan


Annie Foster remains in Ireland after boarding school to nanny a widower’s infant daughter. Five years later, she accepts the widower’s proposal.

Her first love Chad Jones, whom she believed deserted her, arrives on an undercover assignment weeks before the wedding investigating her fiancé’s connection with terrorists. He’s determined to change her mind and her heart her because he’s never stopped loving her.

Annie’s heart is torn between the man she'll always love and the young daughter of her fiancé whom she’s promised never to abandon.
Which man will win?

Book Takeaway:

Self sacrifice is the real miracle out of which all love grows.


Year Title Description
2007 Charter Oak Romace Writers Golden Acorn Excellence in Writing
2007 Northwest Houston Romance Writers Lone Star Writing Competition
2007 Colorado Romance Writers heart of the Rockies Contest
2010 West Houston Romance writers Emily Award

Why the author wrote this book:

Daddy’s mother was an Irish Callahan from County Clark. Then there’s my maternal grandmother who was also of Irish descent.

My first trip to Ireland in the 90s, I was immediately struck by the joy sparkling in the eyes of the people I met. I drove through the lush, green countryside and poked about in pubs and music shops. Everyone I encountered felt like family.

I also felt a deep sense of how the Troubles of Northern Ireland so dramatically affect Irish lives.

Then as I visited an Irish girl’s boarding school, I had one of those writer moments where a character sprang fully formed into my head, commanding me to tell her story--Annie Foster, the heroine of CLAIMING ANNIE’S HEART.


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