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When Love Endures

By Judythe Morgan


Fitzpatrick Family Series: Eight Preacher Kids Each with a Sweet Love Story of their own. Sarah & Nick

Sarah Fitzpatrick, pianist extraordinaire, gave up on true love when her high school boyfriend, Nick Stephens, ran off to marry his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
Nick’s daughter shows up in her music class eleven years later. One look at the man, and old dreams come back to life. She must find a way to keep the little girl and Nick out of her heart. She won’t risk losing everything again.

Nick Stephens has other plans. Sarah is, and always has been, the love of his life and he’s back in Burton, TX to prove it. But there are secrets Nick must keep, from Sarah and his daughter. Secrets that could destroy everything he hopes to build.

Can their second chance survive new secrets?

Book Takeaway:

Forgiveness always brings second chances.

Why the author wrote this book:

I set out to write this series to highlight preacher kids, who are too often characterized as wild kids, rebelling against their family’s values. Each Fitzpatrick love story shows how PKs work through their relationships like the rest of the world only using an abundance of God-given grace and lots of forgiveness.


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