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When Love Trusts

By Judythe Morgan


A second chance at first love

Growing up together in a small Texas town, Josh Fitzpatrick and Mara Burke always had each other’s backs, right up until Mara dated—then dumped—his best friend. A relationship built on love and trust… until it wasn’t.
Now, an Army sniper home on medical leave, Josh’s wounds go deeper than the shrapnel dug from his thigh. Nightmares torment him. No one knows he’s responsible for a senseless tragedy and the death of his fellow soldiers. While his body recovers, he waits for news of possible disciplinary action.
Mara’s a single mom and administrator at a home for boys, still hiding the terrible secret that created the ten-year chasm between them.
When the boy’s home needs volunteers after a fire, Josh steps in. The sparks from their youth soon ignite a new passion, but will sharing their secrets be enough to overcome the pain and hurt that lies between them?
Book 4 in The Fitzpatrick Family Series Eight Preacher Kids Each with a Sweet Romance of their own.

Book Takeaway:

Forgiveness always brings second chances.

Why the author wrote this book:

I come from a military background and have watched too many family and friends suffer through PTSD even before it had a name. I set out to write this series to highlight preacher kids, who are too often characterized as wild kids, rebelling against their family’s values. Each Fitzpatrick love story shows how PKs work through their relationships like the rest of the world only using an abundance of God-given grace and lots of forgiveness...including PTSD.


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