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This Child is Mine

By Mildred Colvin


Beth's life is about to change. A blood test that should have brought comfort brings confusion and pain instead. Now, Beth Murdock must face the truth - Stevie, the little girl she has raised as her own for almost two years, isn't hers.

Jonathan McDuff doesn't know what to make of the legal document explaining that his daughter Lexie isn't really his. He wants his biological child back - but he can't stand to think of losing the little girl he knows as his.

The obvious solution would be to have all parties under one roof. The arrangement would be strictly for the toddlers, the adults say...or could God have plans to bring love back to the hearts of two very wounded people?

Book Takeaway:

A look Beth couldn't read crossed Lori's face as she nodded. "Yes, that's very strange."

Then she asked, "What else, Beth? Surely there was more happening than just two births."

"Yes, there was. I didn't know about it that night, but a freeway pileup brought so many injured into the hospital that every available doctor and nurse was called in to take care of them. The woman who died giving birth had been in the accident, too. I guess she was in pretty bad shape." Beth gave a laugh without amusement. "I picked a bad time to have a baby."

"You certainly did." Lori looked away.

Beth looked down at Stevie trying to go back to sleep. She tried to smile and found that she couldn't. A tear slid from her eye. Without taking her gaze from the child she loved more than her own life, she spoke. "She isn't mine, is she?"

Lori's voice sounded as if it came from far away. "She's yours, Beth. You've had her all her life."

"Yes, but she isn't the baby I gave birth do." Beth's breath caught in her throat as she choked out. "Lori, where is my baby?"


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