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Missouri Brides

By Mildred Colvin


Hope - Lost and Found - on the steadfast prairie.

Missouri of the early 1800s is full of exciting growth and westward expansion, but for three women, it is the home of lost hopes.

Cora Jackson dreams of her St. Louis beau coming to whisk her away from the dull prairie, but soon realizes it'll never be. As she tries to be content where she is, Aaron Stark, a simple farmer, catches her attention. Can she convince this hesitant suitor that she has had a change of heart?

For Eliza Jackson, family is the core of life to be protected, but when her mother dies and her father quickly moves on to new romance, Eliza is left to question the existence of true love. Then, as two men suddenly take an interest in her, will she choose safety and familiarity or let her heart run free?

Deborah Asberry has no hope of making her own choices in romance when, after burying one unpleasant husband, her father forces her into another arranged marriage - and this one comes with two children. Will Dane Stark release his own pain to help Deborah realize true love?

With hope renewed, can love win the battle against life's disappointments?


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