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Prairie Hearts

By Mildred Colvin


Dreams Come True on the Prairie. Three women of the 1890s dream of romantic adventure, but can they possibly find it in the small town of Cedar Bend, Kansas.

When Carrie Butler's runaway buggy is stopped by a handsome drifter, she believes her dreams for love have come true. But John Thornton is determined to dig up old secrets in town. Without a doubt, Carrie's life is about to change, but will it be for better or worse?

Mariah Casey has found purpose in mothering an orphan, but romance has eluded her until she meets a handsome rancher. But when Mariah clashes with Sherman Butler's daughter, romance may escape her again.

Joanna Brady's prayers for excitement appear to be answered in the form of a dangerous wrangler. But Clay Shepherd is not the marrying type, so why does Joanna feel he is the hope for her future?

Can these women put their trust in their faith when their dreams turn chaotic?


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