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Generous Lies: Hidden Truth Book 3

By Robin Patchen


“A pistol pressed against his son’s temple. A dark hand came into view, then an arm. Then a man came from behind the door and lifted his finger to his lips.”

--Robin Patchen, award winning author of Finding Amanda and Convenient Lies.


He had no idea it was so bad.

Former FBI agent Garrison Kopp suspected his teenage son was in trouble, but a midnight summons to the ER reveals the drug problem is more serious than he thought. Desperate to get his son away from negative influences, he asks a beautiful and kind new friend who owns rental properties for a place to stay.

She’ll help, as long as she doesn’t have to risk anything.

Vacation homeowner Samantha Messenger is happy to provide Garrison and his son a lake cabin where they can regroup. She helps him search for a good rehab facility and tries not to hope for more than friendship. After what she’s been through, more isn’t an option, no matter what her heart wants.

Big trouble comes in tiny packages.

Sparks fly between them as Sam and Garrison work together to help the resistant teen.
But that becomes the least of their problems when a package planted in Garrison’s car lures enemies to the idyllic cabin on the lake. With their lives—and love—on the line, can they protect all they hold dear?

Book Takeaway:

That in our sins and shortcoming, we are still loved and lovable. That God can redeem even the most hopeless situations.

Why the author wrote this book:

There's romance, there's suspense, but for me, this is the story of a teenage boy who's addicted to drugs and the father who desperately wants to save him. This story is dear to my heart, as we walked through addiction and recovery with our own teenage son. The God of grace saved him, redeemed all that, and created a young man who's on fire for his Savior. But the trip from his addiction to his recovery was a long, windy, harrowing journey. This book reflects just a tiny portion of that. With so many people struggling with addiction in this society, I wanted to write it as an encouragement to other parents and spouses and children who love someone with an addiction. There is hope. Even when your loved one doesn't quit, doesn't stay in recovery, doesn't go to meetings, ours is the God of hope.


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