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Vengeance in the Mist

By Robin Patchen


A routine assault conviction gone wrong. A menacing intruder. And a case that’s more twisted—and dangerous—than anyone suspected.

Assistant District Attorney Misty Lake wants nothing more than to ensure Boston lawbreakers face justice, but how can she when she's faced with an increasing workload and pressure to offer plea deals? When a criminal she prosecuted is released on a technicality, she doesn’t have time to worry about the threats he once breathed against her.
Tate Steele dreams of rising in the ranks at the DA’s office, but idealistic prosecutor Misty is in his way. When the district attorney asks him to assist her with a few cases, he’s eager to close them quickly to prove his merit. But he and Misty discover her apartment has been broken into, and this is no run-of-the-mill burglar. The intruder escapes and leaves no trace.
Either the vengeful convict Misty put away has upped his skills, or there’s more at play than a defendant seeking revenge.
Every clue opens up a deeper layer of lies and corruption. Though Tate has always been her rival—more concerned with ambition than justice—seeing his protective side makes Misty's heart vulnerable to his charm…something she can’t risk. Someone is bent on making sure the truth never comes to light—no matter what the cost.

Don’t miss the final twisted mystery in the addictive Coventry Saga.

Book Takeaway:

Whether offering justice or mercy--or whatever we do--God is ultimately in control. We must trust Him to deal with man's sin.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore the dual values of mercy vs. justice. This book does that through two lawyers, one of whom is dedicated to seeing justice done and the other who is more apt to offer mercy.


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