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Legacy Restored

By Robin Patchen


Angelica Rossi deserves to be behind bars, but if secretly working with the police to take down an art thief will keep her out of prison, she’s willing to take the deal—even when she discovers the thief is also a brute and a murderer. As a former con artist, she’s learned to take care of herself.

Grieving his sister’s fatal overdose, Donovan Gilcreast retreated to an eighteenth century lakeside Victorian owned by an old friend, where he works on his paintings in the mornings and restores the house the rest of the day. He blames himself for not protecting Katie, and he blames Angelica Rossi, Katie’s old friend, for introducing her to drugs years before. When Angel, the owner’s sister, moves into the house, Donovan tries to keep his distance, but her bruises pull at his protective nature. Who would hurt someone so vulnerable?

Angel has no idea why the brooding recluse hates her, but despite his glares and grunts, she finds his quiet presence comforting, especially amid the fear and confusion of working as a confidential informant.

Their friendship might have a chance to become something more. But if Donovan discovers what Angel's up to, he’ll not only end their budding romance, but he’ll destroy her shot at freedom forever.

Book Takeaway:

We are all sinners saved by God's grace. Ours sins are not bigger or stronger than God's great mercy.

Why the author wrote this book:

Legacy Restored is book two in the Legacy Series. I love this story because it depicts a woman who's recently come to Christ and is struggling to break free of the life of crime and lies she lived before.


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