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A Package Deal (Matched Online Book 2)

By Robin Patchen


With their ten-year high school reunion on the horizon, four girlfriends make a pact to find the perfect guy—online. But nothing about online dating is simple…Jo didn’t know she wanted children until she learned that cancer had likely ruined her chances to have them. Dared by her friends to try online dating, Jo meets a man who would be perfect—if not for his obvious desire for a family and her too recent cancer scare. Carter can’t believe his luck when his first match through the online dating site is the pretty woman from the UPS store. He figures he’ll tell Jo about his five-year-old daughter if things get serious—which he doesn’t figure they will. He’s been burned by enough women not to get his hopes up. As Jo and Carter start to fall for each other, they realize the secrets they’ve hidden could tear apart the tenuous bond they’ve created. They both come with baggage. Can either of them accept a package deal?A Package Deal is the second book in the Matched Online series. Other books are:10 Dates is the first of four love stories in the Matched Online anthology*How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates (Lacy Williams)*Rival Hearts (Susan Crawford)*Engaged by Friday (Julie Jarnagin)

Book Takeaway:

God is often directing us right where He wants us, even if it's not where we'd planned. God's plan is always better.

Why the author wrote this book:

There's a really cute gal who works in my local UPS store. One day waiting in line, I thought, what if she were single (she's married), and what if she were dreaming or travel... The beginning of the story came to me while I was in line that day.


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