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Maeve's Symphony

By Marianne Evans


Join the Sisters in Spirit at Lincoln Center!

Maeve Callahan's world has been rocked. NFL superstar quarterback and childhood friend Josh Andrews is heading up a charity benefit at Lincoln Center. He's asked the Sisters in Spirit to headline the event.

Josh doesn't understand Maeve's polite, but unexpectedly reserved behavior at their reunion. They were high school sweethearts, a golden couple who ruled their senior year in Westerville, New York. He's eager to reacquaint himself with the beautiful girl he knew as a youth and discover who she is in the here and now.

But Maeve is riddled by guilt and shuttered by something she cannot share with even her closest friends–something she knows she must confront with Josh if they have any chance at the love for which she has always dreamed.

A long-held secret is set to explode, a secret that will change the Sisters in Spirit forever. Long ago, Maeve made a critical error in judgment and has paid the price ever since. Of the four Sisters in Spirit, she alone broke the purity vow.

With Josh.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to reassure New Adult readers in particular that God forgives, and God's grace and mercy gifts us with happy endings the likes of which we could never imagine.


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