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By Marianne Evans


The Motown Master Chef Competition is firing up at Sal's Place! This year's battle features two combatants who dish up compelling stories as well as fabulous food.

Scott Allen was once the embodiment of cocky, self-assured arrogance. Family tragedy shattered that pattern of life and turned him straight to the salvation of a God he now serves in every way possible. Formally trained, he's head chef at Bella Toscana Bistro in downtown Detroit.

Sarah Rutherford runs the kitchen at Premiere, a steakhouse in the suburbs. Skilled through hands-on training alone, Sarah comes from humble beginnings, and worked her way up the culinary ranks via moxie and innate skill alone.

Scott and Sarah share a history as colleagues and friends, and both have dreams of winning, but only one will emerge victorious. Step up to the counter and cast your vote! But remember, this competition isn't just about winning.


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