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Amelia's Journey

By Martha W. Rogers


Once childhood friends, Ben Haynes is taken with Amelia Carlyle when he meets her again at her sister's wedding. Although he will be returning to Kansas and life on his father's ranch, Ben calls on Amelia several times, and they find they have more in common then they first realized. Ad he leaves for Kansas, they promise to write. Her parents have other ideas for their socialite daughter and make every effort to discourage the relationship, even forbidding Amelia to write to Ben. Amelia is determined to wait as long as it takes for her parents to see her love for Ben, but will the love and loss they experience along the way bring them closer of drive them further apart?

Book Takeaway:

Love can overcome all obstacles when God is given control.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a request from the publisher for a prequel to the successful Winds Across the Prairie Series.


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