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Christmas at Holly Hill

By Martha W. Rogers


When Clay Barlow returns home after spending 5 years in prison for bank robbery, his parents welcome him with open arms, but the town is less trusting and accepting. Merry Lee Warner once loved him and sees in him the man he could be if he trusted God with his future, but as much as he cares for her, he can't risk tarnishing her reputation as the town's school teacher. Suspicians and doubts from the townspeople grow as Christmas nears. With Merry and her retired deputy father, will Clay be able to restore the trust he needs to become a upstanding citizen of Prairie Grove and have the Christmas of a lifetime.

Book Takeaway:

With God's love and forgiveness, anyone can make a new life and find true happiness.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love Christmas stories and when my editor asked me to write one, I jumped at the chance.


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