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Winter Promise

By Martha W. Rogers


Abigail Monroe, fearing spinsterhood as she approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, she decides to join her brother and his new wife in Porterfield, Texas where she plans to open a library. A sprained ankle leads her to the infirmary and treatment by Doctor Elliot Jensen. Although attracted to her, a tragedy in his past has left him bitter, guilt ridden and afraid to fall in love again. The deputy sheriff, Cory Muldoon is also attracted to Abigail. When he rescues her from a kidnapping, Elliot is afraid Abigail will be attracted to the handsome hero in her life. Has he waited too long to share his feelings for her? Or will Christmas bring them both the gift they seek?

Book Takeaway:

No matter what tragedies lie in the past, God uses them for good to give hope for the future.

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue the story of the people in Porterfield, Texas.


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