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The Christmas Secret

By Martha Rogers


Many stories abound concerning the old Farnsworth Manor Estate with a witch or a ghost being the occupant sometimes seen as a shadow in the window. Nathan Farnsworth returns to Mandeville to dispel those stories, take care of his elderly grandmother, serve on the medical staff of the Mandeville Infirmary, and possibly revive his relationship with Penelope Carlson, the girl he loved in his youth. Penelope, a reporter for the town newspaper, has always been interested in the Farnsworth house because of Nathan and her love for him so many years ago. Now that he’s back, she hopes to learn more and possibly meet Nathan’s reclusive grandmother. A week before Christmas, a news story dug up by another reporter paints a dark picture of Olivia Farnsworth and leaves many questions unanswered. Because his grandmother gave Penelope the true story to reveal at Christmas instead of earlier, Nathan believes Penelope has betrayed his trust.
Penny must make amends and make sure the true story is told. Will she be able to win back Nathan’s love and trust and help him to carry on the Farnsworth legacy?

Book Takeaway:

God's view of a person outshines the scars and defects that may mar the appearance because God is always looking at the heart.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love to write Christmas stories that bring people together and heals old wounds. The "secret" theme rolled around in my head until I had to write the story.


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