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Tabitha Bouldin

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Born and raised in the country, Tabitha grew up surrounded by mountains, horses, and family. As a result of this raising, her books tend to revolve around these three things while occasionally including the more difficult topics that challenge families and Christians. Tabitha is currently working toward her bachelor's in creative writing. Between college and writing more books, she also homeschools her two boys. With dreams of publishing at least two books per year, her first year as an author can be considered a success as her third book is soon to be released. An avid reader, Tabitha enjoys reviewing books for fellow authors on her blog.

Books by Author

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Christmas in Jingle Junction

Welcome to Jingle Junction! If Santa had a North Pole, this would be it. Holly Winters owns the local coffee shop, aptly named Jolly Java. It's here that she meets Patrick Cooper and promptly throws coffee everywhere. Not only does Patrick not like coffee, he also despises Christmas! It's up to Holly…

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Macy's Dream

Justin came to the mountain for a story. He was looking for a story about a past adventure, but what he found was a chance to live an adventure of his own. The Brindle family was unlike anyone he had ever met before. Macy challenged his very beliefs, in himself, in life, and in love. She offered him…

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Trial by Courage

Cheyenne could see the future and was running from her past. Willie's fate rests in her hands. But can he accept something he cannot see? Someone is out for blood and only the two of them together will be able to stop the bloodshed. Will Cheyenne be strong enough to put everything on the line? Can Willie…

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