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Trial by Courage

By Tabitha Bouldin


Cheyenne could see the future and was running from her past. Willie's fate rests in her hands. But can he accept something he cannot see? Someone is out for blood and only the two of them together will be able to stop the bloodshed. Will Cheyenne be strong enough to put everything on the line? Can Willie learn that not all things in life can be explained? Can they both trust God enough to let Him lead their lives?

Book Takeaway:

Your past helped to make you who you are today. Without the experiences of your past, you might not be prepared for your future. God knows what He is doing. Even if we do not understand...He does.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have always believed that God gives each of us what we need in order to survive this world. Cheyenne's gift of seeing the future came as a result of her childhood abuse. She uses this gift to help others in need. I wrote this book in the hopes that it might help others through the pain of their past, and show them that there is always hope for the future.


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