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Christmas in Jingle Junction

By Tabitha Bouldin


Welcome to Jingle Junction! If Santa had a North Pole, this would be it. Holly Winters owns the local coffee shop, aptly named Jolly Java. It's here that she meets Patrick Cooper and promptly throws coffee everywhere. Not only does Patrick not like coffee, he also despises Christmas! It's up to Holly to show Patrick that Christmas is worth giving a second chance, just as Patrick himself deserves a second chance when he is accused of robbing a local convenience store. In a town full of Christmas spirit, lively debates over the best superhero and riding in a sleigh pulled by actual reindeer is just a normal day. Will Holly be able to prove to Patrick that Christmas is more than a holiday that has to be endured?

Book Takeaway:

Forgiveness is only a prayer away, and everyone deserves a second chance. You have not been forgotten.

Why the author wrote this book:

Christmas in Jingle Junction was written for my grandmother. I needed something that represented her and her spirit. There was no better way to give her honor than to write a book about coffee and Christmas. She will always live in my heart, but now the world can see just how wonderful she was.


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