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Macy's Dream

By Tabitha Bouldin


Justin came to the mountain for a story. He was looking for a story about a past adventure, but what he found was a chance to live an adventure of his own. The Brindle family was unlike anyone he had ever met before. Macy challenged his very beliefs, in himself, in life, and in love. She offered him the adventure of a lifetime by asking him one simple question. Macy offered him a mountain adventure if he is strong enough to make the trip. Can Justin be someone else? Can he learn to be someone different? Macy can show him the way, the way to himself, and the way to God. She has lived on the mountain all her life. Justin will have to put his trust in her if he is to succeed. Macy is wild and free as the mountain. With the ability to see the potential in Justin, she sets out to show him everything he is capable of.

Book Takeaway:

You do not have to be the same person you have always been. Everyone can choose to change, and God loves each and every one of us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book in the spirit of adventure. I wanted to showcase a different style of life without writing something historical. Although the Brindle family live in modern times, they live a more simple life. The idea was to have a strong female lead with a less confident male counterpart. Macy is the one with a strong Christian faith while Justin has never believed in God. Macy has lived her entire life on the mountain, her family hewing out an existence from the very earth while Justin comes from a life of comfort.


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