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Sara Nicole

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Born and raised in Kansas, Sara Nicole is a sweet combination of midwestern A born Kansan with southern roots, Sara Nicole graduated high school early with a GED in order to get started on college. Halfway through, she took a break from college to figure out her direction in life. She didn’t figure it out, but she did graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. God intervened and created a love and a passion in her heart for telling stories about Him. She first began writing when she was 17 and wanted to read a love story with God as the hero. Without knowing any stories like that, she decided to write one. Before that story was finished, Sara had ideas for two more. Then nine more. Then thirty more and counting…

She uses the pen name "Sara Nicole" in honor of her grandmother, Sara Gene, who went to be with the Lord in 2011.

Books by Author

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Aluthnia: Silvyn's Part

Welcome to Kiwaft, a land fraught with perils and filled with wonders. Explore the unknown in a land divided against itself. Once descended of the same family, the peoples are now scattered across a diverse landscape. In this partial prequel, become immersed in the first epoch of a much bigger story.…

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In the first book of Heirs of Redemption, two seemingly star-crossed lovers are united by unusual circumstances and beset with danger from unknown enemies. In the midst of trials they learn that who you are is vastly more important than what you own or where you've been. From the back cover: A chance…

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The Beauty and the Throne

In a weave of romance and adventure that all starts with an unwanted, arranged marriage, Jonathan and Elise experience a love story that changes the shape of their kingdom. From the back cover: The most important thing Jonathan and Elise have in common is ambitious fathers who wish to see the two married.…

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His (Desert) Story

The shepherd, Habib, loves his wife, Ariella, dearly. When her love is taken from him, he will stop at nothing to get it back. Slave masters, gypsies, bandits, betrayal, even wild beasts... Habib will face them all in order to win back his bride. From the back cover: Habib loves his wife. If only he…

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