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Silvyn's Tale

By Sara Nicole


Kiwaft is a forbidden land full of wonder, magic, and danger. Surrounding Kiwaft is the Nevaltasha Ocean, home to a mighty race of merpeople, the Coralaens. Of those gifted with the ability to transform from legs to tail and back, Silvyn with the golden tail is average in many ways. He loves his fun and just a bit of mischief, especially at the expense of the tail-less land-dwellers. But sometimes a bit of mischief is all it takes to turn a world upside down.

Graiceyl, of the purple eyes, is not your average land-dweller woman. When her path and Silvyn's collide, the ripples quiver across land and sea, swelling into a storm that will reshape the lives of many and put both in danger.

But this is just the beginning. Soon the tides will change, the Wistaor Mountains will shake, and the Legend of Kiwaft will enter the shrouded lands, as it was long ago foretold.

Book Takeaway:

There is a lot of gospel and a lot of transformation in this book. Book takeaway is God sees you and He loves you.


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