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By Sara Nicole


In the first book of Heirs of Redemption, two seemingly star-crossed lovers are united by unusual circumstances and beset with danger from unknown enemies. In the midst of trials they learn that who you are is vastly more important than what you own or where you've been.

From the back cover:
A chance meeting in the woods leads to something more than friendship between Peter the penniless woodsman and Lady Olivia of the House of Thomas, daughter of the most powerful baron in the region. Secret rendezvous are put to an end when the lady is kidnapped, and Peter sets out to free her. Yet along the way he finds himself meeting someone from his past, someone he never expected to see again. Someone who causes him more trouble than he could have ever caused himself.

Betrayal leads to war, and it is a fight for love as Peter struggles to survive in Olivia's world, a world of beauty and opulence, rivalry, honor, deception, and sacrifice. Soon he comes to realize, Lady Olivia of the House of Thomas is not the only person needing to be RESCUED.

Book Takeaway:

Mercy is a game-changer, and transformation is always possible.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book started with a simple idea of wanting to write a story of a guy rescuing a woman from kidnapping. It turned into so much more. Definitely a story of redemption.


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