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The Fox's Honor

By L D. Alford


The fragile peace of the Human Galactic Empire hangs in the balance. Book Two, The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox Don't miss Book One, The End of Honor, or Book Three, A Season of Honor By L.D. Alford, the author of the suspense-thriller, Aegypt, Centurion, and The Second Mission It was a time of treachery and vengeance…of nobility and redemption…all because of love. Prince Devon Rathenberg, the Emperor’s Fox and chief of intelligence, has fallen in love with the Lady Tamar Falkeep—the third daughter of the least Duke in the Human Galactic Empire. But custom dictates they can never marry. Then the unthinkable happens. In the insurrection that threatens to tear apart the Human Galactic Empire, Devon designs a plan to reveal the Empire’s internal enemies. It’s a plan of desperation that, by design, will result in the ultimate sacrifice: his own death. But before he dies, Devon is determined to win the heart of Lady Tamar and declare his love.

Book Takeaway:

This is a book you can share with your secular friends. It is timeless science fiction written in a classic and classy style. At the same time, the book brings to the forefront the idea of self sacrifice for those things of greatest value: society, honor, friendship, love, and marriage.

Why the author wrote this book:

In the Dragon and Fox novels, I wanted to give adults powerful science fiction with strong adult characters whose motivations were driven purposefully and ethically. In this novel specifically, I asked the question what happens when a man is unexpectedly given back his life.


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