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By L D. Alford


Hauntingly compelling, Centurion gives life to Abenadar, the man who was entrusted with the controversial and potentially explosive crucifixion of Christ. A longing heart. An unlikely friendship. Love...and the bitterest of betrayals. The son of a Galilean concubine-a Jewess-and a Roman ambassador, Abenadar suffered disapproving stares in the village of Natzeret, but so did the boy Yeshua, son of Yosef and Miryam. Perhaps it wasn't unusual the two became fast friends. As Abenadar rises through the ranks of the Roman Legion to assume the rank of Centurion, he finds love with Ruth, a woman he rescues from the streets of Jerusalem. She believes the prophet Jesus is the One-the Messiah-everyone has been waiting for. Abenadar is dubious. He's seen too many messiahs.and they all died on Roman crosses. But what if Jesus is telling the truth? As advisor to Procurator Pontius Pilate and a Roman, Abenadar has a duty to uphold...but it may cause him to lose everything.

Book Takeaway:

This book is a great read on many levels. For the casual reader, you will find a fun novel with adventure, romance, and story you can sink your teeth in. For the historian--it's all there. For the seeker, this book puts into perspective a man who sees it all, but doesn't know what to believe.

This book is for both secular and Christian readers. It is history and has embedded the history of the New Testament. Your non-Christian friends will find the work compelling. At the same time, the Gospel's historical account is not compromised as it is in The Robe or Ben Hur.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to answer a question: what was the Centurion who crucified Christ like. How did he live, and how did he become a Centurion? I also wanted to give my readers a sense of how people lived in the 1st Century.


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