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Promise of Tomorrow

By S. Dionne Moore


Alaina just needs Jack to love her. So why won't he realize that all she wants is to get married and begin a new life together? She doesn't need a large home or new clothes. She only needs him to actually spend time with her and show how much he loves her.

Jack Kelly loves Alaina. Why can't she realize that he needs to work long hours to provide for her--and their possible future family--the things she deserves? He only needs her to be patient and understanding.

As dangerous floodwaters threaten their home of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, will Alaina and Jack allow God to bridge their growing differences with His unifying love?

Book Takeaway:

People are more important than things.

Why the author wrote this book:

I'm passionate about history. Especially those tidbits of history that are often overlooked or even unknown. Johnstown, Pennsylvania endured so much in the flood of 1889. It was my desire to show not only the compassion of the world's response to them, but also the show those not familiar with the disaster that tragedy and triumph were part of life and the human spirit even in 1889.


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