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Valley of the Heart

By S. Dionne Moore


Maria Cullen is at her wit's end.
After her young son, Levi, wanders off alone on the range, widowed Maria imagines the worst…and is grateful beyond words when Tanner Young finds the boy and brings him safely home. But although she is thankful for Tanner's good deed, she's not sure she can trust his offer to help rebuild her failing ranch. Only an outlaw would work so willingly for so little.

Tanner Young, grizzled hand for a large cattle ranch, dreams of one day owning his own herd and settling down on his own spread. But the cost of earning his dream is high, especially when he's hired by Walter Price to scout out a nearby ranch. Despite reservations, Tanner accepts…then he meets the lovely ranch owner and her son and realizes his task will be even harder than he thought.

When the unthinkable occurs, can Maria and Tanner overcome their fears to realize God will never fail them?


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