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Promise of Yesterday

By S. Dionne Moore


Escaping the horrors of slavery, Chester Jones returns home after many years. After meeting the enigmatic Marylu, sparks fly as he gently pushes his way into her heart. As love blossoms, secrets from Marylu s past arise, causing her to question her newfound feelings. And then what about those rumors linking Chester to a murder. . .? Will Marylu allow God to heal her heart or will it be shattered again?

Book Takeaway:

Greencastle, PA has a story about a Confederate captain riding through town during the retreat from Gettysburg with a wagon full of slaves. According to the story, Greencastle demanded release of the slaves and when the man did not relent, they released the slaves themselves. I used this story as backstory for Marylu, then pitted what would be considered a heroic deed against a man who felt himself anything but brave and courageous.

Why the author wrote this book:

A little known incident following the Confederate retreat from Gettysburg was the springboard to this book. A wagon, full of captured blacks, was led through Greencastle, PA by a confederate intent on taking them south to sell. The town of Greencastle would not allow this and under the cover of darkness, set the slaves free. The confederate threatened to burn the town to the ground if he was not reimbursed for his "property." The townspeople of Greencastle refused and the confederate left, never to be heard from again.


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