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The Bookseller's Promise

By Beth Wiseman


Yvonne Wilson makes the trek from Texas to Indiana with just one goal in mind: to convince Amishman Jake Lantz to sell her client a rare book from his collection. But Jake is as strong-willed as Yvonne. On the eve of his grandfather’s death, Jake vowed never to sell the book, and he intends to keep that promise. But he can’t say more than that, having never read it and not knowing why it was so dear to his grossdaadi.

Eva Graber has loved Jake since he hired her to work in his bookstore years ago, but he doesn’t seem to notice she’s blossomed into a beautiful woman. When Yvonne shows up and seems like she might turn Jake’s eye, Eva suggests she and Jake should read the book together.

What happens after that surprises them all, and the book leads the trio deep into mysterious questions about life and death, love and loss, and the impenetrable purposes of God.

Book Takeaway:

Do your own research as related to your faith. Just because you’ve been brought up to believe a certain way, our faith is a personal journey to be discovered. I hope readers close the book with the realization that life is theirs, choices for change and/or growth abound.

Why the author wrote this book:

My books always include a romance, but I’ve been told my stories read like women’s fiction. While I enjoy a good romance, I also like subplots that have the potential to draw in readers who might be looking for something that lightly crosses genres. In this romance, you can expect to find a potential love triangle, a rare and sought-after book with a six-figure value—a book with the potential to possibly change a person’s life and beliefs. I wrote this story because there are multiple messages within the pages. As always, I hope God will lead the right person to the story, then guide the reader to the message that is meant for him/her.


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