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A Tide Worth Turning

By Beth Wiseman


Addison Burke is a successful real estate agent who specializes in high-end closings and who enjoys an elite lifestyle not often afforded someone her age (27). But following a stroke and a recent fall, Addison is forced to hire a caregiver for her estranged mother, Lee Ann; a job Addison chooses not to take on, despite her financial freedom to do so. She hires an agency to fill the position, and to her surprise, they send a man for the job.

Logan has somehow managed to keep his act together despite a past that is slowly catching up with him. If he can make enough money over the next couple of months by tending to Lee Ann Burke, he should be able to flee the country before his world comes crashing down around him. But when Lee Ann’s beautiful daughter, Addison, begins to awaken feelings in him that he thought died long ago, he begins to question whether or not fleeing from the past is worth leaving Addison forever.

Will Addison let down her guard for love and renew her relationship with her mother? Can Logan face his past, come out unscathed, and act on his feelings for Addison? And why is Lee Ann selling everything she owns on EBay and Craig’s List?

Book Takeaway:

Addison has loved and lost her boyfriend and her father. But as secrets are revealed, it becomes easier for Addison to understand her circumstances and find her way back to God. And it’s no coincidence that Logan comes into her life, a man with a strong faith, even though he’s got some explaining to do later in in the novella! It’s a story about the unexpected people God puts on our path in His attempt to reach us and draw us back to Him—in the good times and the bad.

Why the author wrote this book:

A Tide Worth Turning has been described as a “smart beach read for any season”. The story takes the reader from coast to coast on an romantic adventure. There’s a bit of mystery woven in, along with enough humor to keep the story light. A nice one-sitting read while curled up with either a cold beverage or a hot cup of coffee. I grew up not far from Galveston, Texas, so it seemed natural to write about a beach I'm familiar with. But the beach on the cover isn’t Galveston. It’s another place that I would like to visit, and it was fun doing the research to incorporate into this project. I tend to write the way I like to read — meaning, I enjoy romance stories, but I like there to be other fun things going on as well.


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