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Hopefully Ever After

By Beth Wiseman


Sixteen-year-old Eden Hale doesn’t want to be defined by her current circumstances. With absent parents and a troubled past, Eden refuses to become what people expect. When she is sent to live with an Amish cousin she’s never met in Montgomery, Indiana, she welcomes the chance to become the person she wants to be without the burden of anyone’s judgment. Her hopes are confirmed when she meets Samuel, a young Amish man who seems to like her for who she really is.

Samuel Byler has grown up with strict Amish parents, and they aren’t happy that their only son is choosing to spend his free time with an outsider. As Eden and Samuel grow closer, disapproval swirls around the young couple. It isn’t long before Eden starts to doubt herself and wonders if she is doomed to repeat the mistakes of her own past, whether she wants to or not. Meanwhile, Samuel finds himself slipping further and further from his faith—to Eden’s dismay.

Both Eden’s and Samuel’s futures hang in the balance as they face decisions about who they are meant to be—both as individuals and together.

Book Takeaway:

Don’t judge a book by its cover—or a person—until you understand their motivations, dreams,
and the life force that drives them to be who they want to be.

Why the author wrote this book:

I think we are all guilty of negative first impressions and unfounded perceptions based on a
person’s physical appearance and/or background. In Hopefully Ever After, Eden doesn’t want to
be defined by the circumstances that brought her into the Amish community. She is determined
to grow into the person she wants to be. Often, when I write a book, I don’t realize that I’m
basing a character on someone I know until I am reading the book during the editing process,
then it clicks. I watched someone close to me grow into the person she wanted to be, despite a
difficult childhood and a lot of hurdles.


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