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Claiming Her Legacy

By Linda Goodnight


Oklahoma, 1890

Frontier women don’t ride off alone to track an outlaw—not even women as capable as tomboy spinster Willa Malone. But Willa desperately needs the bounty money offered for her father’s killer if she’s to keep their homestead and take care of her sisters. That means she needs an expert tracker's help. Gideon Hartley has the skill, but the handsome trail guide also has a troubling secret…

Gideon has spent years trying to numb his pain with whiskey. Little by little, their quest—and Willa’s belief in him—is restoring the sense of purpose he thought he’d lost. Journeying into the heart of danger, they’ll have to face down the past together if they hope to protect their future…

Why the author wrote this book:

Oklahoma's wild and wooly history both surrounds me and fascinates me. I've seen photos of men and women staking claims after the Land Run that opened Oklahoma Territory to settlers and began to wonder what life was like for women alone in this often dangerous land. And the hero of this story sort of appeared in my head one day, carrying a heavy burden of grief and guilt and anger, and I knew I had to learn his story and help him find real freedom in Christ.


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