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The Christmas Child

By Linda Goodnight


Haunted by a year undercover, Special Units officer Kade McKendrick is exiled to Redemption, Oklahoma, to get his head together. The last thing he wants is to deal with people. But when a mute boy is found in a Dumpster, Kade’s savior complex kicks in. Enter teacher Sophie Bartholomew, a dog named Sheba, and a Christmas crazy town, and cynical Kade may find more than answers for the boy. He may find a happy-ever-after of his own… In Redemption River, where healing flows….

Book Takeaway:

I hope people are entertained, of course, and put into a lovely, hopeful Christmas mood, but on a deeper level, I want them to realize that God loves them no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve done.


Year Title Description
2011 Rita Finalist RWA's top award for romance fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

Christmas is my favorite time of year and Christmas books are favorite reads. But this book came about because of the series I was writing. The series, "Redemption River" was inspired by an actual town I've visited twice during the Christmas holidays. So naturally, the series had to have a Christmas story, and what better theme at Christmastime than that of a small child who brings love and hope and healing?


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