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The Notorious Noel Caper

By Sally Carpenter


Nothing brings a couple together like murder. Former pop star Sandy Fairfax and his girlfriend, Cinnamon, find themselves sleuthing when bodies start dropping like snowflakes at the soon-to-open Santa’s Magic theme park where Sandy is the emcee for the televised Miss North Pole beauty contest--er, scholarship pageant. But will the beautiful contestants make Cinnamon jealous? The deadly Christmas season begins at a celebrity bowling tournament when a pinsetter plops down a body instead of the pins. Throw in surfing Santas, a seductive executive's wife, a sleazy tabloid editor, an egotistical movie rival and a gift-wrapped death trap, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Book Takeaway:

A fun, humorous, light beach read that puts a new slant on Christmas mysteries.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book continues the redemption arc that began in book 1 of the series. The focus here is on Sandy's deepening relationship with his girlfriend. The story also reveals the dark underbelly of the movie industry that hides its indiscretions for the sake of producing family entertainment.


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