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Spring Betrayal

By Sally Jo Pitts


It was supposed to be a routine investigation—catch the cheatin’ spouse of a client. And the perks weren’t bad either—set up shop at a luxury resort. So yes, Robert Grey and Jane Carson from Grey Investigations are on the job.
But when they discover the suspect is a princess wrongfully accused of abdicating and her companion dies under suspicious circumstances, the investigators find themselves in the middle of a Caribbean conspiracy to overthrow a monarchy.
Suddenly Jane must take the place of the princess to secure the throne of an island nation.
Can Grey Investigations untangle a royal mess before a revolution overtakes paradise?

Book Takeaway:

Fulfillment of the soul’s deepest longings is found in a relationship with the heavenly Father.

Why the author wrote this book:

When I learned about blue zones—those regions of the world where evidence shows people live much longer than average, I was intrigued. In this spring mystery, I thought it would be fun to create a fictional island monarchy being considered for blue zone designation. Here I could place my PI characters in a utopian setting to work a routine domestic case that has become a royal mess.


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