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Stumbling Upon Romance

By Sally Jo Pitts


Accident-prone dog groomer, Claudia Stewart, is a newcomer to Hamilton Harbor, Florida. She hopes to shed her black cloud image, fit in the community, and find a guy who will knock her off her feet.
Instead, Claudia and her canine client knock handyman Pete Cullen off his feet and leave him dangling from an overhead beam.
Pete, rejected by a past love, wants to focus on restoration projects and avoid romance at all costs. But Claudia, even with her bungling ways, threatens to steal his heart.
Was their crash meeting just another one of Claudia’s mishaps? Or did the encounter put them on a collision course that would uncover lessons of unconditional love, long-held secrets, and romance?

Book Takeaway:

God gives everyone a purpose—what we make of it is our legacy.

Why the author wrote this book:

As an encouragement, to see how God loves us just as we are.


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