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And Then Blooms Love

By Sally Jo Pitts


She is determined to forget him …
Hurt by her former fiancé Clifton Davenport, new flower shop owner Emme Matthews is working hard to establish a successful business and provide for the three-year-old child she is raising. Financial woes plague her, and she is forced to accept a floral job for a special dinner at the Davenport plantation. Not wishing to upset the event, Emme stays behind the scenes, only to learn that the dinner is to announce Clifton’s engagement.
He loved her from the first day he saw her …
Plantation manager Clifton Davenport harbors deep regrets. Two rash decisions not only pushed the family business near bankruptcy, but cost him his first love—the girl he knew as Mary Elaine Matthews. She has moved on and so must he. Ironically, his impending marriage to the daughter of a Brazilian oil magnate might be the salvation of the Davenport legacy and the answer to Emme’s indebtedness.
A discovery threatens to change things …
Shocking news forces Emme and Clifton to face not only their past, but the love they left behind.

Book Takeaway:

First love can find a second chance.


Year Title Description
2016 Genesis- short novel finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

To offer wholesome, faith-based entertainment.


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