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The Ranchero's Love

By Nancy J. Farrier


Rosalinda knows she will never escape her past, both the choices forced on her and the mistakes she’s made. She longs to find a place to live in peace—where she can learn to mother her children and where Lucio Armenta won’t be a constant reminder of the love she can never have. She doesn’t count on her inability to avoid the ranchero, or the threats to her children and the burgeoning fear she has for them.

Lucio wants to marry. However, Rosalinda, the only woman he’s ever been attracted to, doesn’t meet the ideals he’s set for his future wife. When he discovers she, and her adorable brood, are accompanying him as he delivers horses and goods to his sister and brother-in-law, he objects. An objection that is overruled. He resolves to keep his distance as much as possible. A resolution he finds impossible to keep.

When secrets from Lucio’s past are exposed, and Rosalinda faces choices no woman should have to make, will their growing love, and their faith, survive?


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