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The Ranchero's Gift

By Nancy J. Farrier


When Maya Garza’s step-father drags her to the cantina, planning to auction her off to cover his debts, she is desperate to escape. Her step-brother’s best friend, Rafael—her worst nightmare—is eager to purchase her. She sees no hope as she stands atop the table with a room full of men leering at her.

Yaniv Madrigal is searching for his brother, Rafael. They were to leave Los Angeles today to return home. The wagons and family are waiting, but Rafael disappeared. He can’t believe his eyes when he finds his brother bidding for a young woman. A woman who has the look of a trapped animal.

As Maya travels with Yaniv and his family, she must avoid Rafael’s advances, and try not to fall in love with the man who purchased her. Yaniv always puts family first, but now he struggles as his heart is torn. Will Yaniv and Maya find a solution to their trouble before the unthinkable happens?


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