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An Appalachian Summer

By Ann H Gabhart


An Appalachian Summer is a heartwarming tale of a headstrong debutante who must choose between a life of fortune or a life of adventure and possibly love.

After the market crash of 1933, the last thing Piper Danson wants is to flaunt her family’s fortune while so many suffer. Although she reluctantly agrees to a debut party at her parents’ insistence, she still craves a meaningful life over the emptiness of an advantageous marriage.

When an opportunity to volunteer with the Frontier Nursing Service arises, Piper jumps at the chance. But, her spontaneous jaunt turns into something unexpected when she falls in love with more than just the breathtaking Appalachian Mountains.

Romance and adventure are in the Kentucky mountain air in this story of a woman yearning for love but caught between two worlds—each promising something different.

Book Takeaway:

I hope readers will care for my characters and see that when one is faithful to one's own dreams, that good things will happen. I also hope readers will want to know more about the women who were Frontier Nurses and also the young women who spent time in the mountains helping those nurses have more time for their patients.

Why the author wrote this book:

I loved finding out about the Frontier Nurses and their history in the Appalachian Mountains when I wrote These Healing Hills. So I wanted to go back to the mountains for another story, this time focusing on the young women from usually socially prominent families, who volunteered their time to help the nurses.


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