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The Seeker

By Ann H. Gabhart


Charlotte Vance is a young woman who knows what she wants. But when the man she planned to marry joins the Shakers - a religious group that does not marry - she is left dumbfounded. And when her father brings home a new wife who is young enough to be Charlotte's sister, it is more than she can bear. With the country - and her own household - on the brink of civil war, this pampered gentlewoman hatches a plan to avoid her new stepmother and win back her man by joining the Shaker community at Harmony Hill. Little does she know that this decision will lead her down a road toward unforeseen peace - and a very unexpected love.

The Seeker brings alive the strikingly different worlds of the Southern gentry, the simple Shakers, and the ravages of war to weave a touching story of love, freedom, and forgiveness that sticks with readers long after they have turned the last page.

Book Takeaway:

Readers can see how war destroys lives, not only of the soldiers but the families of those men and the people who lived in the path of the war. There's romance and conflict, change and forgiveness.

Why the author wrote this book:

The Shaker villages in Kentucky were greatly impacted by the Civil War. They tried to stay separate from the conflict and maintain their peace in the midst of war, but that wasn't possible. I wanted to show how the different sections of society, both the Shaker society and that of the surrounding area were disrupted by the War Between the States. The lives of the people were changed forever.


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