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Deadly Harmony

By Marissa Shrock


Georgia Rae Winston’s romance has broken up. But that’s the least of her problems.

Georgia and Detective Cal Perkins are through. Fine. Maybe it’s an opportunity to give charmer Hamlet Miller a chance.

But there’s no time for romance when Georgia hosts her stepsister and her roommate, Quincy, during a college chorale tour—and Quincy steals Georgia’s car and disappears. When her car turns up in a cemetery with a cryptic note lying on the front seat, Georgia decides to take action.

As Georgia and her stepsister dig into the mystery, they uncover Quincy’s tumultuous past. A history with a wild rock and roll band. Rumors of an illicit affair. A past that points to a frightening present.

When they discover Quincy’s old music professor is involved, they dig deeper and discover a web of deception they’re determined to untangle, if they can stay alive long enough to bring the truth to light.

Deadly Harmony is the fourth book in the acclaimed Georgia Rae Winston mystery series, following Deadly Harvest, Deadly Holiday, and Deadly Heritage.


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