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Deadly Heritage

By Marissa Shrock


Georgia’s life has finally settled down. Or so she thought. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Georgia Rae Winston’s life in the farming community of Wildcat Springs, Indiana, has found a nice, quiet rhythm. She’s dating Detective Cal Perkins, and everyone predicts wedding bells—if only Cal weren’t so consumed with work.

But then Clara Alspaugh, the town prodigal comes home after thirty-eight years. Clara, the woman who broke the heart of Georgia’s dad back in high school.

The night she returns, Clara’s mother is killed during a break in gone wrong. The scenario is eerily similar to Georgia’s father’s death nine and a half years earlier, and Georgia suspects there are lies from the past someone doesn’t want unearthed.

Georgia can’t get a straight answer from Clara about what really happened back in high school and why she left for so many years. When Georgia digs deeper and starts asking questions around town, she discovers people will do anything to keep their dark secrets buried. Even murder.

And Georgia has risen to the top of the hit list.


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