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The Pursuit (Emancipation Warriors) (Volume 3)

By Marissa Shrock


If all hope was gone, would you keep fighting? Vivica Wilkins won’t give up. Ever. She’s been forced to the sidelines of the battle and required to live at home until she’s eighteen. But with her birthday fast approaching, she’s determined to rejoin the Emancipation Warriors in their fight against the life-choking oppression of the United Regions of North America. Tenuous peace exists between the Warriors and the totalitarian government, but it can’t last. Forced terminations of pregnancies are still in effect, violations of basic civil rights happen on a whim, and the vise grip on religious freedom is as tight as ever. Then her friend Drake lets her in on the Emancipation Warriors’ revolutionary plan to bring them freedom once and for all, and Vivica’s mother dies under highly suspicious circumstances. Soon Vivica realizes God is calling her into the greatest battle of her life. A call she will answer with everything inside her. The Pursuit is the stunning conclusion to the Emancipation Warriors series from acclaimed author Marissa Shrock.


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