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Loving the Mysterious Texan

By Mary Connealy


Amnesia, murder, treasure and ghosts. Garrison's Law goes gothic. A woman wakes up next to a dead man with no idea how she got there or who he is.....or who SHE is.Grey Devereau drags a terrified woman out of his cousin's bed...his very dead cousin. It looks for all the world like she killed him. But then everyone who knows Victor wants to kill him eventually. Grey included.Lanny Cole, the young woman hired to research the history of the Devereau family, can't remember a thing. Grey steps in with an alibi and Lanny realizes that if Grey is her alibi, then she's his. She decides to trust him, but then she's suffered a head injury. So she's probably making one stupid decision after another. And then someone else dies. And a hurricane cuts them all off from help. And then someone else dies. Chills and thrills abound in an old island fortress built by a loathsome pirate.Grey isn't a Garrison, but when he gets in trouble, he turns to his old friend Case Garrison for help.Garrison's Law just got spooky.


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