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Wildflower Bride

By Mary Connealy


Wade Sawyer saves a white woman, raised by Indians, when her tribe is massacred and she's the only one left alive. Glowing Sun has no home left among the native people who loved and cared for her. And she hates the white men who let her live because of her blonde hair.
Wade will live with her where ever she wants. Glowing Sun pulls a knife on him everytime he suggests such madness.

Why the author wrote this book:

Wade has a terrible relationship with his father. Wade needs to stand up to the old tyrant, and learn his father's brute strength is weaker than Wade's Christian love. And Glowing Sun is handy to provide Wade with a backbone until he grows in one of his own.


"Mary Connealy has outdone herself again! Her characters quickly steal into your heart, sometimes with laughter, sometimes with sorrow, always with the perfect blend of whimsy and rock-solid truth."
- Myra on July 03, 2010

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