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Gingham Mountain

By Mary Connealy


A rancher runs head-on into the new school marm, who believes he's made slave labor out of eight orphaned children.

Grant Cooper crowds too many orphans into his rickety house, just like Hannah Cartwright's cruel father. Grant's family of orphans have been mistreated too many times by judgmental school teachers. Now the new schoolmarm is the same except she's so pretty and she isn't really bad to his children, it's Grant she can't stand.

Why the author wrote this book:

Petticoat Ranch was all girls and one man
Calico Canyon was all men and one woman
Gingham Mountain I mixed things up and created a family with both.


"This book is so good, it is about street children that is placed on the orphan train and carried out west to try to find homes for them. In this series when they get to Sour Springs, Texas that is the"
- Edna on May 24, 2010

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