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Martha's Gift: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#3)

By Sylvia A. Nash


When genealogy director Enid Gilchrist agrees to help Diana Evans trace her family history and uncover a family secret, she cautions her about potential consequences. When DNA test results reveal a second secret, their search takes them from Tennessee to Mississippi and Arkansas, where they discover more than ancestors and risk becoming missing pieces of their own history.

Book Takeaway:

A quote from the main character sums up one point in the story: “Why should we be interested in our nation’s history but ignore our family’s history? Who has the right to prevent us from discovering that history?”

Why the author wrote this book:

My stories always start out as mysteries. At some point, most of them evolve to include issues. This one involves two issues important to me: Domestic abuse and genealogy/DNA privacy issues.


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