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Benjamin's Ghosts: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (#1)

By Sylvia A. Nash


     Benjamin Alexander dug into the past to uncover its secrets. His housekeeper guarded his secrets with her life.
     Now Enid Gilchrist must draw on her years of experience as a genealogist to duplicate that search and protect those secrets while she unravels the clues to crimes whose consequences have crossed the years to spawn a new criminal and threaten those she loves.
     Moreover, she must draw on her strength of will to prevent her feelings for Chief of Police Patrick Mulhaney from hindering their mutual efforts to solve the mystery, bring peace to the dead, and protect the living.
     Benjamin's Ghosts is a cozy genealogy murder mystery set in West Tennessee. The sleuth is a sixty-five-year-old widow woman with no intention of retiring in the foreseeable future.
     Note: The author writes realistic fiction with a Christian worldview.

Book Takeaway:

People are human; they make mistakes. God is divine; He loves and forgives even when people don’t. It is up to us, however, to accept that love and forgiveness.


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