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Bread of Angels

By Tessa Afshar


Purple. The foundation of an influential trade in a Roman world dominated by men. One woman rises up to take the reins of success in an incredible journey of courage, grit and friendship. And along the way, she changes the world.
But before she becomes Lydia, the seller of purple, she is simply a merchant's daughter who loves three things: her father, her ancestral home, and making dye. Until unbearable betrayal robs her of nearly everything.
With only her father's secret formulas left, Lydia flees to Philippi and struggles to establish a business on her own. Determination and serendipitous acquaintances help her become one of the city's pre-eminent merchants. But fear lingers in every shadow, until Lydia meets the apostle Paul and hears his message of hope, becoming the first Christian in all of Europe. Unable to outrun her secrets, Lydia must either stand firm and trust in her fledgling faith or succumb to fear as past and present collide.

Book Takeaway:

Even strong women can be afraid. But God is greater than our oldest fears.


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